EAT FAST Interview: “It’s easy to get lost in the reverb. Ken aye?”

eat fast interview

New single ‘Public Display of Affection/Sand Drone’ is out now.

According to their Bandcamp profile, EAT FAST play FUZZPOPSCUZZPOP, and while we appreciate the disregard for rules of capitalisation and punctuation, we prefer to refer to the quartet as popgaze. After all, this is not Vietnam. There are rules. EAT FAST’s approach is a joyous and melodic din, in which everything is drowned in fuzz and echo and general splendor. It’s like they have Christopher Walken with them in the studio except this time he doesn’t want more cowbell, just more and more fuzz. Maybe he’s trying to dislodge that pocket watch before he gets dysentery.

Anyway, I digress. We recently had a sit down with guitarist John Edgar and he told us about the band’s poetry favourites, explored the nuances of Geordie TV show Byker Grove, and shared the band’s goals for 2017. The time was had.

Overblown: Adam cut short a PhD to move home and convert the band into a live entity. Was that a tough decision? Any regrets?

John Edgar: No I don’t think so. We’re always getting Adam to read poetry to us, so I think he’s happy. James loves Tennyson and Mark has a penchant for Larkin. Morbid, I know. But, that’s Mark!

O: Your new track ‘Sand Drone’ takes aim at how young people are being stifled by the ongoing recession. Seeing as young people are clearly not going to receive much assistance of those in charge, what do you think young people can do to help themselves?

JE: Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

O: Do you love Byker Grove?

JE: The lads seem to love it. Especially James. Personally, I think it’s drivel. Saying that… that bit where Greg fell off the roof. Well, I think we all shed a tear then. Poor Greg.

O: EAT FAST have been getting a lot of buzz from a number of very well respected publications. Does that add a little pressure?

JE: Funnily enough, Mark’s middle name is ‘Pressure’. So he’s fine. But no, I think it gives us more confidence in the music. It’s easy to get lost in the reverb. Ken aye?

O: What was the deal with your initial anonymity. It gained a bit of press. Was that deliberate? Or just a happy accident?

JE: A bit of both. It worked nicely with our self loathing and body dysmorphia.

O: How do you feel about public displays of affection in general?

JE: We argue about this constantly. Personally, I think it’s disgusting and it should be banned. Liberalism gone mad. James however. He’s one of these free-love hippy types. Repulsive, if you ask me.

O: Were you bummed that you had to change your name from EAT to EAT FAST?

JE: No. In hindsight it was a blessing. We’ve gotten to know and love the artistic output of the original band, Eat. We could never compete with that. Bonafide genius.

O: What would make 2017 a success for EAT FAST?

JE: Any of the following;

Our van surviving the year.
Having fun fun fun on the autobahn.
Getting an endorsement from Sabra (hummus, baba ganoush etc)
Meeting Donald Trump.
Meeting Kevin Whately.

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