Electricals: New Band of the Day #253


Electricals’ debut EP HEALING SERVICES is out now.

Who: Aidan, Cory, Jamie and Peter.

What: Noise Rock.

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

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Why: Irish noise-rock Electricals are a fuzzy and raw glory. Their debut EP HEALING SERVICES is a melting pot that takes a noise rock basis and imbues it with catchy melodies. Things start out in traditional noise rock territory with ‘I’m Going To The Fucking Moon’. A mid-tempo slowly unfurling cacophonous blast of a track, it is confrontational and delightfully abrasive. From here though the group begin to mix it up a bit. Second track ‘Heat Death’ starts off with a balls to the wall riff. Then, a bit of a curveball in the form of an alt rock tinged verse that is surprising but works 100%.

This approach is further explored on during the third track ‘Pavarotti’ which takes the quiet verse/loud chorus format to heart with coiled verses that explode into cathartic choruses. Closing out proceedings is the sludgy and punky ‘800 Bodies’. Beginning with a hefty riff that pummels and wails, the song quickly explodes into a breakneck pace that barely leaves off for the remainder of the track. Classic stuff.

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