Electro Punk: Post Punk Podge & the Technohippies Share ‘Hard Man’

post punk podge & the technohippies

Post Punk Podge & the Technohippies new single ‘Hard Man’ is out now.

Irish electro punks Post Punk Podge & the Technohippies have shared a typically idiosyncratic new track titled ‘Hard Man’. As the title suggests, the propulsive track takes umbridge with ‘hard men’ who fancy a fight, pints and dogs (but not cats). The track features Irish hip hop duo TPM who are also members of the Irish folk group The Mary Wallopers. It is a mighty combo.

On the flip side of ‘Hard Man’, is the track ‘Haunted By History’ (feat. Maria Larkin) which laments the impact the Irish Famine had, and continues to have, on Ireland in a kind of fever dream/nightmare stream of consciousness spoken word poem. Powerful stuff all round.

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