Electro rock: Mary-Ann Kiefer Share ‘Tsonkati Splosion’

mary ann kiefer

Mary-Ann Kiefer’s upcoming EP The Space. The Trance. The Future. is due for release in September 2020.

Vienna, Austria based trio Mary-Ann Kiefer have shared the first track to be released from their upcoming EP The Space. The Trance. The Future. A piece of intense instrumental electro-rock, the track sees fuzzy bass and guitars layered mercilessly with glitchy electronica and zealous drumming.

Along with the release of ‘In Salt Me’ in January 2020, the song is one of their first release since 2013. Apparently, it was originally written in that year but ended up unreleased as the band split up. However, in 2018 a member of the band got a fortune cookie that read: “You must finish what you began!” As a result, the band met up for a beer and eventually ended up recording the EP. All good things.

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