Eraser TV – ‘Buzzfeed Depression Quiz’ | Overblown EP Premiere

eraser tv

Buzzfeed Depression Quiz is out now.

As they are co-founders of DIY LK, Limerick’s DIY music collective along with Cruiser, Anna’s Anchor, Casavettes and Static Vision, we’ve been waiting a long while for alternative rock/noise trio Eraser TV to put their money where their mouth is. Luckily, their debut EP Buzzfeed Depression Quiz is well worth the wait. 200%. We are delighted to premiere the EP right here on Overblown.

Combining a deft manner of melodic musicianship with drunken, off kilter vocals, and periods of avant garde noise influenced chaos, the EP is an imposing and arresting listen. The result is a sometimes swirling, sometimes hypnotic, and sometimes blugeoning 4 track offering that veers unexpectantly at any given opportunity.

EP opener ‘No Romance’ is a perfect example of where the band are coming from. Led by a chiming off kilter riff and vocals that sit somewhere between D. Boon of Minutemen and Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, the track quickly descends into a maelstrom of feedback before emerging into a distinctly more melodic direction somewhere between Husker Du and My Bloody Valentine. In short, it’s bloody good.

The band could have repeated this formula and I would have been delighted. However, they’re far too ambitious for that. Next up is the epic nine minute magnum opus ‘Golden Boy’. Beginning with a simple and delicately strummed riff imbued with tender melancholy, a meandering and itnricate lead guitar quickly emerges to gift the track a bit of direction and focus. Hypnotic to say the least.

The penultimate track is ‘I Fell Into The Pool’. A tense and slightly funky number with more drunken vocals, the song is a slow burner that eventually descends into a playful and noisy denouement.

‘Ferreira’ closing our the EP in style. Sporting a jazzy guitar lead, singer Cian McGuirk heads into near Bob Dylan territory here as he remuniates, seemingly in a world of his own. The track is not content to stay in this rare area though as it ebbs and flows with abandon before exploding into one final celebration of fuzzy defiance.

Check Eraser TV out when they support Robocobra Quartet and the Magnapinna at An Spailpin Fanach on August 5th for our 3rd birthday!

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