Eternal Summers share ‘Together Or Alone’, announce fourth album

Eternal Summers Together Or Alone

Virginia noise-pop, power rock trio Eternal Summers have announced their fourth full-length album, Gold and Stone, which will be available on June 6th through Kanine Records. This self-produced follow-up to previous offering, The Drop Below (which was released exactly a year ago today), promises to “target more radiant textures, some classic rock riffs, some jazzier elements and some full-on punk snarl.”

‘Together or Alone’, the first single from the album,  certainly tackles some of those elements. The song leads with Nicole Yun’s sweet, airy vocals skipping over jangly indie-pop guitar riffs. A sense of bittersweet desperation builds throughout the track and about half way through culminates in a raw, climatic bridge; the first evidence of the aforementioned ‘punk snarl’, before it all just, fades away.

Hailing from the Magic Twig Community of Roanaoke, Virginia, the distinctive, lo-fi dreamy sound of Eternal Summers continues to evolve with each album they release. Whilst firmly holding on to their indie-pop sensibilities, the new single is a sign of things to come and it feels like we might see something a little deeper from Gold and Stone.

Album Artwork

eternal summers album














Gold and Stone Tracklist

01. Unassigned
02. Together or Alone
03. Gold and Stone
04. The Roses
05. Black Diamond
06. Come Alive
07. Ebb Tide
08. Play Dead
09. Stars You Named
10. Bloom

Gold And Stone is out June 6th via Kanine Records.

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