Exclusive Listen and Track by Track Preview of New EP from Ghosts of Dead Airplanes

This Friday 30th October sees the release of The Yellow EP, the debut release from Ghosts of Dead Airplanes. However, as a Halloween treat we thought it only right to let Overblown readers have an exclusive listen to the EP and you can do so from right about now. The last time we wrote about this EP we said ‘Listening to the five tracks on the EP is akin to riding a roller coaster whilst blindfolded. There’s twists and turns, peaks and troughs, you never quite know where it’s heading next but it’s a fun journey’. Whilst quoting ourselves isn’t big or clever it just seems hard to put it any other way.

The band kindly took some time to give us a track by track guide to the EP so now you can read and listen at the same time, a cunning multi-tasking opportunity that will leave you immersed in the music. Here’s what they had to say.

1 – Barry Norman

The song has absolutely nothing to do with surveyor of all things cinematic, and producer of mighty fine pickled onions Barry Norman, the name was used as a pseudonym for the recipient of my vented spleen when the lyrics were taking shape, and it stuck. It came about following a blazing row I had some time ago… There were things said, and voices raised, and bizarrely, this individual tried to validate their position via the sheer volume of celluloid entertainment they had imbibed.

2 – Born to Lose in a Past Life Blues

A long time ago Ben and I were working on this thing, which we referred to as the “obligatory Pavement one”. Eventually this morphed into Born to Lose… The lyrics are a stream of conscious gibberish, name checking a few factual and fictitious characters along the way. An abstract, for abstracts sake.

3 – Hair Metal Shame

We set out to write something that went from a dumb stoner riff, to a really poppy Abba-esque ending, two things that should never sit next to each other. We thought we nailed it, but on the way to a gig when we first got the mixes back, our mate Steve pointed out the similarity to the opening riff and “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. That night we played a show in London, and a group at the back of the room started singing “Sugar Baby Love” over the end section. We went for Stoner Abba, and ended up with a Stooges/Rubettes hybrid. Either way, we will never be cool!

4 – Deep in the Shallows

We used to have a keyboard player called Julia, way back at the start of G.O.D.A, and she used to get really frustrated by the shallowness of a lot of people who try and act really deep and pseudo intellectual, the same type of person who would act all friendly in one situation, and aloof and too cool for school in another. This song was kind of written as a ‘fuck you’ to them, on her behalf.

5 – Decrepit Lee Lewis

When you’re in your teens – as clichéd as the sentiment is – you think you’re never gonna get old, and you’re indestructible. Then one day you wake up in your thirties and young ‘uns are harping on about no one wanting to see adults in a teenage marketplace. This song is a reaction to that (and the careerist aspirations of people prettier and younger than us). It’s an absurd two minutes of shouting about Birmingham, crooning, a stupid riff, a nice big chorus.

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