Experimental folk: Listen to the new album from Emma Ruth Rundle, ‘On Dark Horses’

Emma Ruth Rundle

On Dark Horses is out now via Sargent House. So you know it must be quality.

The thing is, right, that Emma Ruth Rundle’s music manages to straddle that netherworld between the light and the dark. On the one hand, it can be oppressive and overwhelming but underneath the tumult, there is a delicateness and thread of hope that manages to wiggle its way to the fore every so often.

Her new album On Dark Horses displays this tendency with aplomb. ‘Fever Dreams’, which opens On Dark Horses, is the perfect example of this. Led by a tense and terse verse that threatens like an impending storm cloud, the track eventually unfurls into a chorus that is dripping with fuzzy defiance and a hint of positivity. Cathartic. That’s the word.

Listen for yourself.

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