Experimental Rock: Daughters’ Frontman Alexis Marshall Shares ‘Nature in Three Movements’

Alexis Marshall
Photo credit: A.F. Cortes

Alexis Marshall’s new single ‘Nature in Three Movements’ is out now via Sargent House. His solo album is due for release in 2021.

“Couldn’t be left alone, he picked up a pen and drew a line across his own throat.” This is how Alexis Marshall enters, wide-eyed and precise from the shadow of Daughters with his new single ‘Nature in Three Movements’. John Syverson (also Daughters) joins Alexis to give a more industrial throbbing attack on the drums, while Evan Patterson of Jaye Jayle throws a whirring dissonant sheen over the whole thing with guitar. Combined, this makes for a modern noise style take on Junkyard era Birthday Party and Einsturzende Neubauten.

The song is rabidly heavy. It’s heavy in a way that makes you feel searingly and acutely uncomfortable, it’s unbelievable. A real listen in the dark and punch yourself unconscious banger. All aspects of this song melt together in a marriage of sincere and personal implosion. It’s relentless and beautiful.

Alexis’ vocal delivery is one of the most brutal and untethered experiences you can imagine, the wide eyes of the madman that knows his beast all too well stare at you in such a succinct way, it just fucking hurts. Lingua Ignota’s presence and aide at the recordings can be felt heavily, which I think has a big part to play and has pushed this beyond. It feels like a privilege to hear such exposure of a person.

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