Experimental Rock: Pure Adult Share New Track ‘Mise En Scène’

Pure Adult’s new single ‘Mise En Scène’ is out now.

It is very suitable that Pure Adult hail from New York. Their avant-garde and experimental form of rock is undoubtedly in the spirit of a city that spawned Sonic Youth and the no wave art scene of the late ’70s. With this, they merge the modern noise experiments of bands like Irish noise rock outfit Girl Band. The result is an unsettling, abrasive and confrontational sound that intrigues and confounds. At any rate, their new single ‘Mise En Scène’ is damn, damn cool as it drips with sleazy sex and swirling feedback. There’s even a bit of acoustic guitar thrown in for good measure. This is their first release since their self titled debut EP came out at the tail end of last year. Fingers crossed for a full album as soon as possible.

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