Facial – ‘Ghetto’ (Overblown Video Premiere)

Facial Ghetto Video Premiere

L.A. Trio Release Video For Debut Single.

If I asked you what ‘party thrash’ music was, what would that conjure for you? FIDLAR? Municipal Waste? Well, now you can add L.A. trio Facial to that list. They like to have a good time, and make quite a racket while doing it. Their debut single ‘Ghetto’ is a lo-fi, grungy blast of primal guitars and lethargic/inebriated/snotty vocals that don’t really seem to make any sense. Witness: “Why’d you go? Why’d you go? Scarecrow!”

Apparently the trio are three locals veterans of the L.A. scene, and, for the time being, want to keep their respective identities under wraps. They’ll be letting the cat out of the bag when the time is right, but here on Overblown we are accepting guesses. Who d’ya reckon they are? Write your answers on a postcard, and mail it to us inside a stamped self addressed envelope.

In their short time together, Facial has developed a bit of a rep for their rather raucous live shows supporting Warpaint on the West Coast of America, and a few choice shows at LA’s legendary punk venue The Smell. Watch the rather creepy video for ‘Ghetto’ below. It contains stock footage of all kinds of bad shit happening, lots of explosions, and a bit of Che Guevara.

Facial say, “We all live in LA but we hate the beach and brunch.”

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