Falling Shovel Sounds Like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Seriously.

This Is More Important Than That Time You Were Born.

So here at Overblown we discuss, in depth, how we plan to create more interesting and diverse content in an effort to improve the website and at the same time draw in a wider readership. However, we are not above a dirty trick or two. As we all know, people love Nirvana and people love shovels. As such, this video is sent from Heaven (or some place that is actually real) for all of us shovel lovers.

The whole thing is pretty self explanatory. The shovel falls on the ground and makes a noise not unlike the opening riff of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Consequently, pioneering people on the internet (with too much time on their hands) mashed it in with the real ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. The result is glorious.


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