False Heads Interview: “There’s this weird group of leftists that do not see any nuance.”

false heads interview

You know, when Iggy Pop thinks you’re awesome, ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields calls you the “future of rock ‘n’ roll” and you’re signed to Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) record label, it is pretty safe to say that you are on to something half decent. This is exactly the situation that East London trio False Heads find themselves in. Melding snotty punk attitude with an American alternative rock influence, these lads have been slowly building up quite a furore over the course of a succession of incendiary singles and a pretty damn fine EP.

We spoke to the band about what it’s like to have Iggy Pop as a fan, their plans for a debut LP, and the weirdness of the regressive left.

Overblown: Apparently, Iggy Pop loves your band. What is like to get praise from someone of his stature (unintentional height joke…)?

False Heads: Haha yeah it’s pretty wicked, there’s no point pretending it isn’t. I’m a huge fan of The Stooges (especially Raw Power) and some of Iggy’s solo classics as well so to get praise from someone you’re a fan of and someone who is hugely significant in the course of how rock and roll music went is fucking great. I mean the guy is pop culture fucking icon so you can’t help but feel a bit flattered.

O: You have a new music video out for ‘Weigh In’. Tell us a bit about making it.

FH: Erm originally we had this idea to shoot it in this like tyre pit that some guy owns where we rehearse but the guy never returned any of my fucking calls or texts so that went out the window. Then we had another idea but we’re gunna use that for another song so I’ll keep that under wraps haha so really we just asked our buddy Chris who’s a great photographer/videographer can we just do a basic video in our storage container (where we rehearse) and try to just capture the energy of the song and glimpses of our live energy. So we just kept it simple and went from there.

O: What is ‘Weigh in’ about?

FH: Haha well I don’t really like going into too much depth about the lyrics because a lot of the time, I switch in and out of third person and switch what I’m thinking about and shit a lot so it seems a bit pointless to try and explain it haha but I guess the opening line of ‘the stink swings back and forward’ is pretty how much I see left and right politics in the UK and I guess other lines in the song relate to that.

I just think it’s crazy how the right used to be the authoritarian cunts who told you what you can and can’t say and what’s offensive and now there’s this weird group of leftists that do not see any nuance in any issue, want to ban people from speaking because they disagree with them and resort to wanting to squash free speech. I just thought it was odd how I’ve always associated those attributes to right wingers but some of the left seem to have taken this shit on and applied it themselves. It’s extremely bizarre and I think it is leading to a large amount of disillusionment.

Generally speaking the right have always been full of crazy, it’s a shame the left are now too. What a fucking boring, fragile world these people want to live in. People have rights but beliefs do not have fucking rights, I think that cannot be stressed enough. And the worst part about it is is that all it’s done is lead to the right capitalising on this bullshit and becoming more powerful in the UK and the US. I guess the song was musings on that really.

O: You have an EP and a number of singles under your belt. Any plans to record an LP?

FH: Yeah, next year. There’s a few things we need to sort out first and some other bits and bobs but we do know roughly when we’re going to do it and what the plans are. So let’s fucking hope it’s all good.

O: You played Ramsbottom Festival recently. How did that go for you guys?

FH: Ermmm haha we played a bit of nightmare slot, but it wasn’t bad. Mark and Dave over at Scruff of the Neck Promotions came across us late in the year and just wanted to get us on something desperately which was really cool of them so we’ve got no complaints that it wasn’t mega busy and we got a great response from the people that were there. So next year we’re gonna take on the world of festivals (hopefully).

O: How did you get into music when you were younger? Was there a band or album that was a ‘gateway’ band for you?

FH: I was really into Eminem when I was a chav (do still love him by the way haha) and then it was Nevermind by Nirvana which was followed by OK Computer by Radiohead, Nevermind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols and Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan that sort of blew everything open and made me want to write songs.

O: What’s it like having Gary Powell of the Libertines as your boss?

FH: To be honest Gary is busy most of the time, he has a lot of stuff on his plate. Gary’s great fun to hang out with but it’s his partner Wayne who we have constant contact with and is the unsung hero I’d say. But we’ve had some great night outs.

O: Do you have a goal for your music and your band?

FH: To make music we all fucking like and to live off it.

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