Fast Romantics Leak Video For ‘Julia’

Toronto based indie rock/pop quintet Fast Romantics have shared their very cool lyric video for ‘Julia’. They’re making a new record this year, and the track is a ‘leak’ from their ongoing NYC sessions with producer Gus Van Go. You should probably watch the video. It’s got Fred Astaire in it!

Singer/songwriter Matthew Angus had this to saw about the track and video, “The inspiration for the song… well.. it seems I’ve dated so many Julias that after a while, I just started thinking I was meant to be with a Julia. So for a time, every time I met someone named Julia, I felt a little romantic pang. Which is silly of course. That’s sort of the seed of the song, but it’s actually not about anyone named Julia at all! The lyric video… that was (made by) me actually. I was scouring the internet for old movies that went public domain and came across this Fred Astaire flick that had tonnes of cheeky dance routines in it. And it came out of that. We’re actually doing a sequel for the official video.. but I can’t tell you too much about that just yet, it’s a surprise ;-)”

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