My Favourite Things – ‘A Little Closer’ | Overblown Video Premiere

my favourite things

New album I Fly, Because I Can is out July 14th.

Remember those rare occasions when Darcy would sing a song on a Smashing Pumpkins album? She had the most delicate, dreamiest voice. I always wished she sang more tracks. That’s why I was so delighted the first time I heard the dreampop/shoegaze of Brooklyn’s My Favourite Things. Dorothea Tachler, My Favourite Thing’s singer and multi instrumentalist, has such a voice. One that delicately soars with freedom and grace like some kind of regal bird.

We’re premiering the video for their track ‘A Little Closer’. It’s a spacey and lilting gem that, despite it’s otherworldly and dreamy state, also manages to posses a significant drive and propulsiveness too. It’s a track that washes gently over the listener, reminding one of late night contemplation in the middle of a quiet metropolis or, conversely, a peaceful autumn’s day walking on a beach.

“A Little Closer is about personal growth, the process of a personal evolution… Sometimes our path seems to take many detours, but when we look back, it kind of looks like a straight line,” explains Dorothea Tachler. “In Sci-Fi movies, when the spaceship hits lightning speed, the stars look like lines, too, just in our regular time, we don’t see the straight line. It often feels like, we go 2 steps up, and then one back down again, which feels sometimes like a regression, but we are still further ahead than before. Perhaps its about patience, which is often not easy. but when we are able to let go of an anxious impatience to move ahead faster, we can actually enjoy the ride, like watching the waves that wash something up on the shore, little by little – even when it seems like tiny steps, we are still moving ahead.”

“This video juxtaposes both the shooting of their music video to the recounting of their collective history over the years both on and off the stage – moments in the past that have guided and shaped them now in the present, bringing them a little closer to their dreams,” says videographer Gi Yong Rhee.

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