Fears Chella – Five Things That Inspired ‘Cool’

fears chella cool

You know, sometimes you’re just going along in your day to day life, minding your own business and then it smacks you right in your face. A bass heavy, melodic and still somewhat lo-fi and DIY alternative rock toe tapper sucker punch. I’m talking about ‘Cool’ which is the debut single by Manchester/Stoke based quartet Fears Chella. Now vocalist Andy Gannon flat out refused to tell us what the band name means, but he was a bit more forthcoming about information regarding their debut single. Also, it seems from the picture above that they may be Breaking Bad and Queens of the Stone Age fans. Which is just fine by me.

Read Andy’s ‘Five Things That Inspired ‘Cool” below.

1. The Phrase “Grow Up”

I guess everyone feels like getting old isn’t cool. I found it weird though that some people grow up too much. I’m not trying to say you want to pretend to be 18 forever, but I guess some people just try way too hard to prove they’re an adult. Then they just become boring. They’ve got a job they hate, a car that’s too expensive, a house they never see and they go and get smashed to try and forget how shit everything got.

2. Girls

It’s a tired, dated, cliche. But pretty much everything comes back to it. It’s inescapable. I’ll let your imagination do the rest with that one.

3. Alone Time

I always find I write songs best when I’ve been with my own thoughts for a little while. Songs are about getting something of my chest, and sometimes you can’t even get your head together when you’ve got all the trash from daily life going round and round in your head.

4. Leeches

Some people are total losers. They do things because they’re trying so hard to be cool, and if they were just honest with themselves they’d be way happier. It’s transparent and it’s ugly. If you’re not into it, then why do it? I don’t get it.

5. A Change In Perspective

‘Cool’ was the song that sort of birthed the idea of Fears Chella as a whole thing. Everything in my life at that point was changing and it made me reflect. It was just lots of things at once and I guess it was that impetus that I needed.

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