Festival Preview: Indietracks 2019

Tick tock, not long to go now before we crack open the good times at my favourite festival, that being Indietracks of course. Located at Midland Railway in Butterley. The stage times are now live and include the very best the indie scene has to offer from The Orielles, Bis, Peaness, Martha, Adult Mom Stealing Sheep and Kero Kero Bonito. Now that already makes me as excited as an excitable puppy and that’s before we even hit on all the other amazing bands and unique set up that Indietracks has to offer, yes you must wave at the people on the train going past! However, before skipping down the road I managed to fire some silly questions, some that made sense and some that didn’t, at Andy from Team Indietracks.

Would you rather no food or no alcohol be available?
Hmm, a tricky one! We’ve some fantastic street food options, including some amazing wraps, veggie burgers, Sri Lankan food and halloumi chips! But I’m not sure people would forgive us if we dropped the real ale, craft beers and gin! People are very welcome to bring picnics and soft drinks into our festival so if it really came to it, we’d probably keep our alcohol. Our late night karaoke might not be the same otherwise!

Would you rather that pigs could really fly or that it really did rain cats and dogs (they all land safely by the way)?
We did have hot air balloons randomly flying over our festival site one year, which was a beautiful moment. Can we just have that again please? Flying pigs might be a bit distracting otherwise. I’m pretty sure The Orielles have a song about a cat, and Kero Kero Bonito definitely have a song about cats versus dogs, so let’s go with those and pretend it’s all carefully planned!

Would you rather the owls got loose or the steamroller went rampant?
The owls and parrots are very chilled out and incredibly well looked after by the staff at their charity – these birds have been rescued and can’t survive in the wild, so it’s probably best for them to stay where they are. We use the steamroller to crush drinks cans for recycling, and for many people it’s a festival highlight! It moves ridiculously slowly, so if it did go rogue, it wouldn’t be hard to catch it and put the brakes back on. So let’s say the steamroller!

Which headline act would you have stolen from Primavera?
Ah, there’s so many to choose from – Primavera was incredible this year! At a quick glance, we’d like Janelle Monáe, Stereolab, Carly Rae Jepsen, Courtney Barnett, The Beths and Lizzo please! I’m sure there are lots more too. It was also brilliant to see that more than 50% of their artists were women this year – we really wish we could all have been there!

If Indietracks was to have a theme, say “trailer trash bash”, which bands would you have on and what kind of trailer trash tunes would they play?
We’re not entirely sure what this question means, but we’re really excited about our line up this year and wouldn’t change it for anything (except maybe adding those Primavera artists too!). Our Friday night is incredible, with The Orielles, Bis and Peaness, and then Saturday has some fantastic familiar faces like Tracyanne & Danny, Martha, The Spook School, Desperate Journalist and Big Joanie, plus ace new names like Fresh, Witching Waves, Randolph’s Leap and Porridge Radio. And then on the Sunday, we’ve some of the most exciting and creative popstars around – Kero Kero Bonito, Stealing Sheep, Withered Hand, Advance Base, Adult Mom, Young Romance, Thud, L I P S and loads more! Oops, I think we’ve maybe just dodged your question and accidentally just listed lots of our amazing bands instead, but we don’t think anyone will notice!

If someone was attending Indietracks for the first time this year and for some random mad reason had never heard of any of the bands which five would you suggest they see?
We really love all of the bands on our bill, so it’s tricky to single any out here, but we’ll try! As well as all the amazing headliners and bands we’ve just listed in the last question, we’ll just suggest a few others that we haven’t mentioned already:
1. Holy Now from Sweden will bring their wonderful, timeless and captivating indiepop to our outdoor stage, overlooking the passing steam trains. (Don’t forget to wave at the passengers!)
2. Cheerbleederz will light up our indoor locomotive shed with their bright, vivid songwriting, three-part harmonies and unapologetic lyrics.
3. Strawberry Generation will be coming all the way from Providence, Rhode Island to bring their perfect, sparkling pop songs to our festival.
4. Child’s Pose are fresh from performing with Bikini Kill at Brixton Academy, and play punk-inflected pop music, as if Elastica had built their home in the Slampt Underground.
5. Jacqui and Geoff will play clever, folk-inspired songs about life, love and snakes on our steam train acoustically as it speeds through the picturesque countryside.

Which Scottish band are you most excited about seeing?
I think we have quite a few excellent Scottish bands again this year – Tracyanne & Danny, Withered Hand, Bis, Current Affairs, Randolph’s Leap and (some of) Owls of Now all spring to mind. However, if we really have to pick just one we’ll go for The Spook School as it’s their final Indietracks show as part of their farewell tour. It’s going to get emotional!

A big thank you to Andy for suffering my silliness and giving kick ass replies which now have me as excited as ten excitable puppies and five kittens. Before I head off I’d like to give an extra special shout out to Squiggles who play the outdoor stage at 1.40pm on the Sunday, made up of members of three other amazing bands (Life Model, Randolph’s Leap and The Spook School) it is sure to be epic with a side of fresh quirkiness. Catch ya!!

Indietracks takes place from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July. For tickets and more info go here.