Festival Preview: Scene Better Days 2016

scene better days 2016

August 12/13 @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds.

You know all those really big festivals etc can really just bugger off. Stick to the DIY ones folks. That’s my words of advice. How can you go wrong? There’s often a lovely community vibe (tarot readings, local artists work for sale), affordable tickets, food, and beer, and of course some absolutely wonderful tunes.

One such festival is the Scene Better Days Fest taking place next Friday and Saturday in Leeds at Wharf Chambers. It’s a small fest but promises to be a right treat. We’ve had a look at the line up and picked out some bands you really cannot miss.

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The Spook School

You can never go wrong with Edinburgh’s The Spook School. After headlining Indietracks recently, surely they must be nearly the premiere DIY pop punk band in the UK. And not for nothing either. They’re combination of deftly vulnerable lyricism, solid gold melodies, and exploration of issues of identity make them a band that is both unique and wonderfully appealing. A must see.

Chrissy Barnacle

Glasgow’s Chrissy Barnacle rules. And not just because she took over our Twitter recently for her adventures at Indietracks. She also crafts the most personal and vulnerable indie folk. Her music’s explorations into tragedy, romance, and hope will literally make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. She writes how you feel. I shit you not.

T-Shirt Weather

The thing that really joys my heart when I listen to Durham’s T-Shirt Weather is their use of a brass section and synths. It’s all just way too much fun. Their debut album Pig Beach came out at the start of the year via Odd Box Records, and it’s pretty much eight songs of singalongs, vaguely sad situations, and generally very fine times.


I’ve only heard one JUNK song. It’s called ‘All I Really Wanna Do (Is Baby Get Drunk With You)”. We can absolutely get on board with that. The song generally reminds me of being really drunk with the object of my affection a number of years ago and cycling around London at 5am on Boris bikes. A good night but all is fleeting.

Down And Outs

This is some lo-fi punk from Liverpool. It’s a bit more aggressive than what we’ve been recommending so far. But like only just really. They somewhat remind me of this band called Terrorista from Toronto which a realy compliment cos I love those guys. Their forth album came out in November 2013 so maybe if you all show up and give them some guff and get off their asses and record a fifth. You’ll have a good time regardless.

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