Flagman: New Band of the Day #258


Flagman’s latest single ‘Problems’ is out now.

Who:Sam Stewart (bass, lead vocals), Cody Singleton (guitar, vocals) and Grant Freeman (drums).

What: Alternative metal.

Where: Orlando, Florida.

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Why: Who are Flagman? They are a trio from Orlando, Florida that plays a very funky brand of alt metal. The first of their songs we heard was ‘Dummy’. Apparently the song is about how we all think we are cleverer than other people, but in the end we are all dummies. Sounds about right. Musically, the track is pure late 90s/early 00s alt metal with restrained verses and bit ol’ distorted choruses. Very cool. Check it out below.

Their latest single is called ‘Problems’. It brings a nicely funky bassline and a more steady mid tempo beat than ‘Dummy’. There’s a touch of Josh Homme in the riffs to this, under pinned with some funky Billy Gould type bass and Jim Martin guitar riffs. All good my friends. All good. Check that one out below, too.

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