Flemmings – ‘The Rats Are Back’ | Overblown Video Premiere

New EP Heads & Tails is out 29 June via Odd Boz Records.

London punk quartet Flemmings are back and they’re not taking any prisoners. ‘The Rats Are Back’ is classic, short assault of politically charged punk. We’re delighted to premiere the video for the track which sees the group blast through the song in what looks like someone’s basement. It’ll feature on their upcoming EP Heads & Tails which is out on 29 June via the ever reliable Odd Box Records.

We chatted with the group about the new track. They let us know who the ‘rats’ are and what can be expected from their upcoming EP.

Overblown: ‘The Rats Are Back’ sounds ace, it sounds to us like a fierce classic punk punch in the gut. Tell is about the song. Who are the rats?

Flemmings: The rats are everyone trying to fuck you over, the rats is the ‘man’, the rats are selling £4 almond milk lattes in poor neighbourhoods, the rats got a massive plan of building Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Costa cafes in every corner of the city. The rats are lead by Theresa May, they gather overnight while planning to destroy YOU. Also, it sounds good on mouth to shout it.

We wrote the song in one practice, can’t remember exactly. Jez the drummer likes playing hard and fast so do we all, It’s a very Flemmings formula song, 2 min, fast, fuzz a twist of lime and have a laugh.

O: What can you tell us about the rest of the tracks that make up the Heads & Tails EP?

F: Cowboy Song: Satori, the bass player, named it because we can go YIHA in the gaps and has that speedy vibe. David, the guitarist, wrote the lyrics when he started working in fashion, he spends all day under the flashes and can’t face the world anymore without pointing stuff and asking us to tuck our shirts. Anyway, it’s a song about fashion. There’s also a break in the song that sounds spontaneous but it took 2 weeks of practice, avant-garde it’s all discipline!

Reunion: Self explanatory, vague reference to Sako, Wolves won a game… Jez keeps talking about his image. We tried real hard to do an edgy beat, they turned it to punch.

Fellow Humans: It started with a riff, it never should have come to this. Mads moved back to Denmark, and the rest of the gang finished the song.

The Keep: Mads was reading Mists of Avalon and wanted to do a fantasy themed song. It totally didn’t work, but he kept the title. The na na na part is good, maybe the entire song should have been that?

Last minute: The Last Minute can be about everything you do when you really want to do it and the last one is the one that matters the most, the one you try to squeeze the most. There’s a bit of Lemonheads, melodic, some aggressive bits, it’s definitely a song about joy.
Fun fact, David’s dad told him he doesn’t like the song. He loved every all the other songs, except for that one! The scene was like in Some Kind of Monster when Lars Ulrich’s dad tells him the new Metallica record stinks. We are trying to get David’s dad into the studio and be our personal Rick Rubin.

O: The last time we saw Flemmings play I’m sure there was only three of you but now there’s four and the band has a very international flavour. Introduce yourselves for our readers.

F: Jez plays drums, supports Wolves, drinks Thatchers Gold, can drink 1 litre of chocolate milk in 5 minutes and has a phone that can only call and text but not both at the same time.

Satori joined the band last year to plays bass, drinks mainly beer and shochu when available, makes cat badges to support local cat rescue, so please buy them and save the cats.

Mads plays guitar and board games. That’s pretty much it.

David plays guitar and doesn’t play board games. That’s pretty much it.

O: Once this EP has been unveiled to the world what are your plans? Can we expect to see any live shows over the rest of the year?

F: Mads lives in Europe, Denmark, so that made gigging for us a bit more occasional but we got much better in terms of quality (we hope)! You gotta come and see us – please! We got some dates coming, London mid July and super psyched to play this really cool festival in Oxford in September.

O: What’s on the communal Flemmings stereo at the moment?

F: Audiobooks! But also love our friends bands like Charla Fantasma, Schande, Dog Chocolate, Pega Monstro, Chorusgirl, PAMs, Hook Jaw, Giant Burger, The Rebel, Something Mustard and at the other hand some stuff like Gordon Lightfood, Redd Kross, Wipers, Dead Moon, Hysterics, Life Without Buildings etc etc etc.

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