Floral Tattoo: New Band of the Day #250

floral tattoo

Floral Tattoo’s new album You Can Never Have a Long Enough Head Start is out now.

Who: Alex Anderson (guitars, vocals, euphonium, keys, melodica) Gwen Power (synthesizers, guitars, vocals, organ, melodica, poetry) Travis Powell (bass, vocals, engineering, mixing) and Christian Taylor (drums, percussion).

What: Some kind of lo-fi alternative rock/emo/shoegaze hybrid.

Where:  Seattle, Washington, USA.

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Why: Yesterday we included Seattle’s Floral Tattoo on our list of our favourite shoegaze albums released so far in 2020. We love them so much that they are now our ‘New Band of the Day’ today. Strictly speaking, Floral Tattoo is not 100% a shoegaze band. I am confident that many purists would wring their hands intently over my description of the band as such. Having said that, have a listen to ‘Life in Color’ below and then tell me that there isn’t a bang of shoegaze off this quintet. Albeit a shoegaze band with an emo stream of consciousness vocal delivery.

Another highlight on the album is the poptastic Cure like glory of ‘She’, it’s a lo-fi ‘Friday I’m In Love’ for Gen Z. We are also a bit partial to the anti folk glory of ‘Leaving’ which Jeff Mangum would be proud of and folky indie punk of ‘Don’t Try Things’. At any rate, the whole thing is raucous, melodic and full of angst. Just the way we like it.

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