Flowers – Young – Play It Again, Sam

More Like Daughter Than My Bloody Valentine

London trio Flowers normally play a kind of jangle/shoegaze pop. However, “Young”, the first single from their upcoming debut album, bears more of a resemblance to the indie folk of Daughter than the wall of noise of My Bloody Valentine.

Vocalist Rachel Kenedy possesses the most vulnerable and emotive of voices. Think of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid or Elena Tonra of the aforementioned Daughter. That is high praise indeed but she really is that damn good. Over restrained drumming and clear, resonate picked guitar notes, Rachel’s voice delicately leads the song on a slowly building journey until strings and strummed guitar join and help bring the song to it’s climactic peak.

For debut album Do Want You Want To, It’s What You Should Do they managed to get Bernard Butler, of Suede fame, in to produce. When asked about the experience, guitarist Sam told Overblown that it was all a bit surreal at the start. We can only imagine. The record ended up being recorded in Butler’s own studio, which enabled the band to achieve a level of professionalism in terms of sound and potential far beyond what would have been possible without his involvement. It promises to be fairly awesome.

Do Want You Want To, It’s What You Should Do will be released on the 8th of September via Fortuna POP!

Do What You Want to, It’s What You Should Do – Flowers