Fluffy Floor – ‘Tongue’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

fluffy floor tongue premiere

Apparently, Fluffy Floor began life as a four-person-doom-sludge-project at the German-French bordertown Saarbrücken. By 2016 they’re a slightly different prospect, as their latest track ‘Tongue’ adeptly shows. The song, which is a follow up to last year’s Dreampop EP, marries shimmering guitar lines, disconnected, vaguely lethargic vocals, and an abundance of melody, and sees the group explore a mixture of dreampop, C86 jangle, and a dash of shoegaze. We’re damn proud to premiere it right here on Overblown.

“It was very strange writing and recording that song,” says bassist Jonathan de Beauvoir. “As we are using an interface device, we all wear headphones when we’re playing. When you’re observing us, it looks very funny: three guys wearing headphones and playing their instruments and all you hear are the drums. Well, we were rehearsing that song when two friends entered the room. They were pretty drugged and watched us playing with their mouths wide open. When we were done playing, we found our two friends in a corner of the room making out. As they looked up to us, one of their tongues was bleeding. We immediately started to play again and recorded the song in the same night. The best of all: The friends became a couple.”

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