Fond Han Share ‘ID/DV’

fond han

Debut Album Sham Cloud  Out Sep 23rd Via Exploding In Sound Records.

Following on from the amazingness that was ‘New Alright‘, Fonda Han have shared another new track from their upcoming debut album Sham Cloud. The track, called ‘ID/DV’, grabs the contrasts at the heart of Fond Han, drawing together the group’s love of pop melody, weirdo time signatures, and fat/fuzzy guitars. Its hyperactive drumming and jazzy chords hint at the math rock at the core of the track, but the real surprise of the track is the swell and rise to the climax that never comes. Raw and wonderfully weird stuff.

Sham Cloud promises to be a insightful exploration into the trio’s odd world. Combining indie rock, mathtastic emo punk, and freaked out metal interludes, it could very end up being a jewel in the already bedazzled Exploding in Sound crown. The record will be a hot bed of talent with Steve Hartlett (Stove/Ovlov), Devin McKnight (Speedy Ortiz/Grass Is Green), Alex Molini (Jackal Onasis/Stove), Vinnie Daidone, and Zachary Miller (Sick Shit) all making an appearance.

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