Foreign Flag – ‘Theresa On The Guillotine’ | Overblown Track Premiere

foreign flag

London horror punks launch scathing attack on British PM.

There’s not really much wiggle room here. Foreign Flag are not fans of British Prime Minister Theresa May. This is made clear with the title of their latest track, ‘Theresa on the Guillotine’. It’s a near two minute blast of unforgiving horror punk fury in which the group not only espouse their disgust with May, but also Tony Blair and David Cameron, “I wanna see / Tony do time / I wanna shame / Cameron’s sex life / I wanna see / Theresa on the guillotine.”

The name of the song, with its reference to the Morrissey track ‘Margaret on the Guillotine’ from his 1988 album Viva Hate, also hammers home the idea that how much things change, they stay the same. Stream the track below.

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