FORT: New Band of the Day #238


FORT’s new single ‘We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It’ is out now.

Who: Martyn White – Guitar, Gavin O’Driscoll – Guitar, Craig Prosser – Bass and Matthew Moore – Drums.

What: Post-rock/alt-rock.

Where: Cardiff, Wales.

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Why: Welsh post-rock outfit FORT are aptly named. Theirs is a sound that is sturdy and strong. Their new single, titled ‘We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It’, begins gently. Simple and atmospheric, for nearly three minutes the track ruminates and contemplates at a leisurely pace. Then, chugging. But not full throttle. Just enough to show that FORT are not just aping other post-rock outfits. This segues into a crescendo that is rewarding and beautiful before a more pacey and trippy section.

Essentially, this is ridiculously accomplished for a band so early in their career. The track touches on a host of ideas that we look forward to hearing the group develop over time. Get your ears on this.

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