Forth Wanderers Share ‘Slop’

forth wanderers know better

New EP Slop  Out November 11 Via via House Anxiety and Father/Daughter.

How about this? Forth Wanderers are all under the age of 21 (their singer Ava Trilling has just turned 18), they’re based in New Jersey and they have just released an indie rock track of remarkably nuanced melody and intention. ‘Slop’, which you can listen to above, possesses a dejection and resignation that is immediately cathartic. As Trilling intones, “I love too much / To hurt this bad / I love too much / To be this sad” during the track’s chorus, one can’t help but be helplessly enamoured by her earnest and unfussy deliver. Meanwhile the rest of the band present a lo-fi and relaxed backdrop of fuzzy guitars full of personality, and a strolling rhythm section that seems so effortless that it must have been quite hard to achieve.

Also, they’ve a wonderful story of how the band came to be. “In winter of my junior year of high school I was trying to find a way to talk to Ava, who was a freshman at the time and I kind of had a crush on,” recalls guitarist and songwriter Ben Guterl of the band’s formation. “I had no intention of starting a band, but I thought sending her a demo would be a great excuse to hang out because I knew she sung from middle school. I sent it to her and nothing came of it. We never got together and I forgot about the song, until eventually I received a demo back from her with vocals on and I just thought ‘ wow’”.

Slop EP Artwork:

forth wanderers slop

Slop EP Track Listing

1. Know Better
2. Slop
3. Nerves
4. Unfold

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