Frankie Cosmos Shares ‘Korean Food’ Video

Taken from the Fit Me In  EP, out now via Bayonet Records.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any synthpop here on Overblown. Luckily, Frankie Cosmos has come along to change all that. She has unveiled the video for ‘Korean Food’ taken from her recent EP, Fit Me In. “I filmed and edited the video a couple years ago before the song was finished, she says of the clip. “It’s my version of a pop music video – boat, pool, beach, lipstick, alcohol.. but my way – camcorder, sunscreen, goggles, hummus. Kinda like how the song is sticky and emotional but sounds fun and glossy.”

New York City native Greta Kline has been recording under the pseudonym Frankie Cosmos amongst others (ingrid superstar and Little Bear) since 2011, which culminated in the release of her debut album Zentropy, which was released in 2014. Fit Me In is an expriment of sorts, which sees Kline trying her hand at the electronic music that is a omnipresent aspect of popular music culture in recent years.

Kline says of the EP, “I think I’m always changing as a writer and trying new things. My awareness of the release process and the fact that it will be heard has made me pickier about what songs deserve to be finished, recorded, [and] released this time around. I am trying not to let it affect the writing side of things too much, though.”

Frankie Cosmos’ forthcoming album will be released via Bayonet Records, and will be the first to include four band members. Watch the video for ‘Korean Food’ above or listen below via Soundcloud.

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