Free Music Friday – Caramel – Demo – 03/07/2015

free music friday

Get Demo By Joanna Gruesome Off-shoot For Freesies

Caramel hails from Cardiff, and is the side project of Joanna Gruesome members Max and Owen. That should really be enough of an endorsement for this post-punk duo. This is an extremely raw, lo-fi collection of tracks from the group that seems to have been named ironically, as they are much rougher and sour than smooth and sweet. Having said this, melody is constantly central with group chants of “total affection!” giving the opening track a delightful sing along quality. Download the entire demo for freesies via Bandcamp.

Have a go of ‘Total Affection’ below:

Demo track-listing:

  1. Total Affection
  2. Estate Agent
  3. Personal Advise
  4. Bad Moon

Demo artwork:

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