Free Music Friday – It Came From Plan-It-X 2014

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“It it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk.” I’ll have to agree with that statement from Plan-It-X Records (PIX), a DIY indie-pop/punk label out of Bloomington, Indiana. They have been successfully operating since 1994, and with their five dollar ceiling on CD prices, are a clear indication that the methods utilised by major labels do not need to be duplicated by independent labels in order for those labels to be successful and to thrive.

Admirable, I think you’ll agree. They have also released a compilation of DIY, lo-fi indie-pop called It Came From Plan-It-X 2014, which is a whole bunch of fun and completely free. That’s forty songs. Count ’em friends. Forty songs for free. One of which is The Spook School’s latest “Burn Masculinity“.

Avoid all that music that is actually record professionally. Get some lo-fi in your life. You can download the complete set via Bandcamp.

And could someone ask my flatmate to stop listening to ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor’ stupidly loud? It’d be much appreciated. Ah, Jimmy Eat World now. Marginally better. Also, every time he gets a message his phone shouts, “YOU’VE GOT A FUCKING MESSAGE!”. That is all.

There’s way too many songs to discuss here individually, but let’s have a look at a couple of choice cuts.


Martha – The Winter Fuel Allowance

Durham’s finest anarcho indie pop foursome Martha have a splendid love song on here about how despite the winter fuel allowance, the narrator will only put the heat on for the one they love. “You know I love you cos the heating’s on when you come round / You know I love when the boiler makes a funny sound.” Charming.


Chrissy Barnacle – Sunset

A low key acoustic number that is charming in its off the cuff lo-fi nature. More punk in attitude than execution, the track sports a comforting tape hiss that adds to the bedroom pop effect. Who doesn’t like sunsets?


Nice Try – No Good

This vulnerable punk duo from Bloomington, Indiana sing simple three chord lo-fi songs about being in love and whatnot. Kind of like Diet Cig.


Emperor X – Path Of The Panzers

Jacksonville, Florida’s Emperor X play speed folk apparently. The brainchild of C.R. Matheny, Emperor X do indeed slam on acoustic guitars with reckless abandon singing songs about avoiding tanks, lacking saliva, and abusing the first person plural. Delightfully contrary.

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