From throwbacks to smash hits: the best music-related games out there

Music enhances experience. It creates an atmosphere that makes things memorable and so is used to compliment so many things: movies, parties, runs, advertisements, TV shows, games. And indeed, games and music are inherently intertwined, whether the music forms the basis to a children’s game or the soundtrack becomes a part of the video game’s very identity. Let’s take a look.

Video games

Many iconic games come to mind when pondering this matter. Guitar Hero was – and still is – a hugely popular concept. Along with Band Hero, it got people playing guitar and drums in real life and introduced so many to incredible artists like Bon Jovi and Jimi Hendrix.

As well as video games where you play an instrument, there have been other great games that get players singing and dancing. Singstar brought karaoke to the home and Just Dance got you boogieing to Lady Gaga and Abba. Once high fliers, some of these games have plummeted (Singstar now exists as a free game where you sing into the app instead of the old microphones), but there are still great memories to look back on and the games are foundational in how some remember those songs.

Mobile games

Remember Tap Tap Revenge? This format is not dead. Like miniature versions of Guitar Hero, apps such as Rock Life or Rock Hero are still bringing great songs to your phone, challenging you to match the beat and score the most points on your virtual guitar. Rock Life is the extension of just the virtual guitar playing, but as you progress you can establish your own virtual band, customise your instruments and compete with others online.

Slot games

Perhaps not a traditional game to come to mind, but many online slots not only have good music and soundtracks but are based around the music or artist. introduces you to the best sites on which to play slot games and compares the different deals. For example, the site offers a generous first-deposit bonus to take up at Casumo. There, you could play Book of Dead – to hear how the adventurous background music fuels the Ancient Egyptian slot experience – or opt for something more directly linked to the music world with Lucky Link Beats – where the pumping house soundtrack matches the decks, headphones and mics that you want to line up. In each scenario, the music undoubtedly enhances the player’s experience.

Board games

Now music may not be traditionally associated with board games, but they exist in droves. If you consider yourself a music geek, there are a tonne of different quiz games out there. One for the actual musicians, however, is Muzundrum. It requires expertise in theory, as the 12 sided dice require you to build scales and triads in unique combinations. It’s not for the faint hearted – or those that just “play it by ear” – but it’s fun for a musical niche.

Children’s games

The original music games, the first you play as a child and the classics we all remember. Music is absolutely essential for many children’s games: musical chairs, musical statues and pass the parcel, to name a few. Whichever era of music you grew up in, it was bound to introduce you to some excellent pop hits.

When reminiscing over the best music-themed games, we are reminded how vital games have been in introducing so many of us to great music.