Frontside – ‘Closure to Closure’ | EP Review

Frontside released their new EP, ‘Closure to Closure’ via Revival Recordings.

Frontside released their new EP, Closure to Closure, via Revival Recordings on February 5. I was immediately confused by the first few bars of the album that is categorized as pop-punk. In this new EP, Frontside gives listeners an un-ironic flashback to 2005 emo music, or as my brother often called it when I was in 8th grade, “gateway punk.”

For that reason alone, I hope 12-year-olds find this EP in order to begin expanding their palettes; But otherwise, the EP is an acquired taste akin to candy cigarettes.

Frontside does showcase technical talent, but the combination of sounds they choose is generic and uninspired. Not a single song stands out from the other (not unlike the boys who rocked Sharpied <3 symbols, their sister’s jeans, and skateboards they never actually learned how to ride). Each song reminds me of the videos that would play on Fuse between commercials of that one Green Day documentary that was always on.

The lyrics are meant to illicit empathy about heartbreak and loss, but instead they come off as immature, cowardly, and manipulative. (See, I’m the sensitive boy! Cry on my shoulder while I send your best friend a video of me playing “Hey There Delilah.”)

Overall, Closure to Closure is aptly named. The EP is a one-dimensional artifact found in the MySpace profile archives. Unless it is going to be displayed at a middle school history fair, it is better left untouched in the cold catacombs of Tom’s server.

Find Frontside’s new EP, Closure to Closure is out now. Find it here.

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