Fuzz Pop: Luxury Death’s Video For Indie Rock Gem ‘Radiator Face’

Luxury Death’s debut single ‘Radiator Face’ sounds kind of like Monster-era R.E.M. covering Nirvana’s cover of ‘Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam’. Except actually better than that. Fuzzed and phased guitars lead the song, with added accordion synth, and the boyfriend/girlfriend duo’s wonderfully in sync vocals and idiosyncratic lyrics. It’s joyful in a lackadaisical manner which sounds like it was as much fun to write and play as it is to listen to. Indie kids all over will be falling in love to this one.

The accompanying video by Ed Crisp is an artistic and playful adventure, replete with close ups of fiery tennis balls, a golden skull getting an egging, and Meg Williams (vocals/keys) making out with the head off Michelangelo’s statue of David.

According to Ben Thompson (guitar/vocals) and Meg Williams they started writing music as “something else to do in the bedroom”.

Luxury Death Tour Dates:

September 30 – London, UK – The Finsbury w/ Happyness & Sports Team
October 1 – London, UK – The Slime Ball at The Old Blue Last w/ Boys & Spice Boys
October 23 – Sheffield, UK – Bungalows & Bears w/ Happyness & Mush
October 25 – Manchester, UK – Sound Control w/ Twin Peaks & Happyness
October 27 – London, UK – Old Blue Last w/ Lowly

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