Gallery: Being As An Ocean @ G2, Glasgow 10 Nov 2016

being as an ocean

Californian melodic-hardcore band Being As An Ocean returned to Glasgow as part of their European 2016 tour bringing with them a few friends. Overblown photographer Steven Mair went along to The Garage 2 in Glasgow’s City Centre to capture the night of hardcore melodies.

Being As An Ocean started this tour after releasing some new tracks and teasing a new album expected in 2017. Their new tracks, “O.K.” and “Dissolve”, show a progression within the band while still giving us what we love about their past albums. Strong melodies; spoken word interludes; harsh vocals and strong clean vocals: Being As An Ocean are following this formula and yet making it stronger which each release. This tour was the first one which featured their new drummer, Jesse Shelley, after the departure of Connor Denis. Shelley showed perfectly that he is able to keep up with the BAAO melody in his debut tour with the band. Apart from Shelley now being on drums, the show was the same as always: Joel, the vocalist, spending more time in the crowd than on the stage and the other members of the band passionately following him on-stage with their perfect instrumentals.

Also included in the show was a strong support line-up. Starting off the night, alternative hardcore band Casey took to the stage. After their recent release “Love Is Not Enough”, it was clear why these guys fit well on a line-up with Being As An Ocean. Just when you thought the line-up couldn’t get any better, post-hardcore giants Capsize took to the stage. It took the crowd no more than five minutes to get moving during their passionately aggressive set. Capsize are a must see in the post-hardcore scene. Just when the crowd thought they might have had enough, German new-wave hardcore band Burning Down Alaska were perfectly placed right before the headliners to warm up the crowd with their upbeat atmospheric riffing and strong vocals from their two singers.

Being As An Ocean continue their tour on to 16 other dates throughout Europe, ending it on the 26th of this month. If you have a chance to see this show on any of their dates then it is a must. Don’t trust us? Check out our shots from the night to see why you need to go. Head over here for tickets to see this wonder line-up!

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