Gallery: Sounds From A Safe Harbour 2017, Cork

sounds from a safe harbour

We have an extravaganza of photographs for your eyes.

Last weekend Cork came alive in music in a way that I have not seen in years. There was an energy and life in the city that was palpable and more than welcome. Between officially announced gigs, free events, and secret gigs, locals and visitors scurried about the city with a purpose and cheer that was infectious.

In it’s second iteration, Sounds From A Safe Harbour (Curated by Bryce & Aaron Dessner of The National, Cillian Murphy, Enda Walsh and Mary Hickson) already feels like it has always been part of the city.

Personally, I did not quite make it to everything I would have hoped, as was the case for many I imagine. But what I did see was uniformly astounding. From the experimental collaboration between Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner (Big Red Machine) to the haunting Peter Broderick covers of Arthur Russell to the somehow intimate and grand collaboration between Lisa Hannigan and the RTE National Symphony Orchestra, not only were the performances engrossing but wholly unique too.

My words cannot do the event justice. Luckily, Overblown had two wonderful photographers at the festival in the form of Shane J Horan. and Brid O’Donovan. Enjoy.