Gaming Embraces Bands and Solo Artists

Music seems to be everywhere these days and many of us often fail to go a day without listening to our favourite band or solo artist. There have been some superb superstars and groups over the years who people still follow to this day and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by one industry in particular. Online gaming has become huge over recent times, and the developers of these games have found that the key to success is to keep sourcing fresh inspiration. Some even take it a step further with actual casinos associating themselves with rock stars in the hope of increasing their player pool.

Therefore, this has seen many of the top developers exploring the music world in order to find the most popular groups and solo artists which they can then use as a theme for a hit slot game. A generic slot will be able to attract players and they will gladly play along for a while but a game based on one of the biggest music artists of all time is going to draw in huge numbers and also engage them for a lot longer too.

What has also become extremely popular with slots games based on bands and singers is the use of authentic visuals and audio throughout. This really does help to take the game to the next level and will mean players enjoy a much better experience when spinning those reels. As you can imagine there are quite a few slots with this musical theme out there, at most established online casino sites, all equally as popular and successful.

First of all there is a great Guns N’ Roses slot that has been developed by one of the industries finest, NetEnt. It features characters such as Slash and Axl Rose and there’s a great intro which is a video of one of the band’s live performances. During the game there is a set list to choose from which includes all the hits such as Sweet Child O’ Mine and Paradise City.

NetEnt are also the company behind the Jimi Hendrix slot game too. Again, it sees rock music being brought to the fingertips of the player, as they play an entertaining 5 reel slot game which again features an intro and authentic set list. The look of the game is great too as is perfectly reflects Hendrix and his most successful years.

The Motorhead slot is the third in the rock trilogy by NetEnt and it’s every bit as good as the other two mentioned above. This game was the last to be released in the series and you can see NetEnt have listened to feedback to give players a superior gaming experience. The intro is superb but the artwork really stands out as the backdrop is of a stage complete with speakers and a guitar. Click here to experience Motorhead video slot which is like being at one of their live concerts.

The Michael Jackson King of Pop slot game was always going to be a huge hit with fans due to the impact he had on the music industry. As you’d expect it contains all the components needed to quench the player’s thirst for the iconic solo artist. The soundtrack is also superb to play along to. It’s another success story of music seamlessly merged into gaming.

The success of these musical inspired games means that we can all expect developers to create and release even more of the same. Although we may not be able to predict which artist or band will be next on the list, we can definitely guarantee that popular music buffs and gaming enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice in 2018.