Gang Interview: “There was, of course, plenty of incestuous union.”

gang interview


You know, Gang is the perfect name for this grungey playful trio from Brighton. They sound like they’re having the time of their lives. The four songs they’ve released so far are rambunctious and filthy dirty, which is, from what I recall, it is like to hang around in a good ol’ gang.

They’re also pretty decent conversationalists. We were lucky enough to chat a little shit with Eric Tormey, one third of the fuzzy fellas. We delved into incest, ugly beauty and Jamie Vardy.

Overblown: Thanks for taking the time to talk to Overblown! Apparently, your band was born on March 20 2014. How did that happen? Aren’t Eric and Jimi related? Does that make the band a product of incestuous union?

Eric: That’s actually the day Joe and I (Eric) moved to Brighton to join Jimi who was studying English at Sussex. We’d tried to do the band thing for a while before that, but Jimi living in Sussex meant we couldn’t really do anything band-related. March 20th 2014 was our rebirth. There was, of course, plenty of incestuous union. What goes on in the practice room stays in the practice room, right?

Gang interview
Animalia artwork by Jordan Gray

O: Who does your artwork? It is pretty awesome. 

E: Our beloved friend Jordan Gray does all of our artwork, he’s a beautiful dude with a beautiful mind. A pal of ours liked one of the pieces he did for us so much that she got it tattooed on her arm. 4 real.

O: Your newest single ‘Animalia/Breath Before Death’ is out on January 15 2016. What in holy hell are them songs about? 

E: They’re just existential ballads about thoughts which everyone experiences at some point, but many seem to repress or ignore. I believe it’s a positive thing to realise your own mortality, it puts things into perspective and makes petty things seem like a waste of time. More good would get done if people properly acknowledged that one day they will know longer exist.

O: You guys were awarded Record of the Week by BBC Music. Are your parents proud? 

E: Not as proud as we are of them! They’ve grown up so fast.

O: Power Lunches is closing down! That’s pretty gutting. How did you enjoy your gig there in October? 

E: I think it was in November actually, but we played there a couple times so I might be wrong hehe. That one was with our best buds Kagoule for their album launch, I’ve never seen so much moshing on a Wednesday night. It’s a real shame it’s closing down, all the people there were really sweet and the venue was nice and dingy. We <3 dinge.

O: Where do you draw inspiration from? Frankly, I’d describe you guys as a poppier version of the Melvins.

E: That’s a rad description! We try to make our music as simultaneously ugly and beautiful as we possibly can. I think it’s like holding a mirror to reality, where wonderful things exist alongside absolute atrocities. It’s important to me to try and represent the whole spectrum of being, otherwise it is kind of like escapism, which I’m personally not that fond of. Sometimes the truth is ugly, so I understand why people shy away from it, but I’d personally rather awake than escape.

O: Any plans for a debut EP and/or album? 

E: We have a theoretical album recorded, but I think it would be premature for us to put it out anytime soon. I think it’s pretty important to build a solid base before you do that. We might do an EP following this single, we have a lot of material we’re keen to get out there, but for now we’re playing it by ear.

O: Any upcoming tour dates and whatnot?

E: We’re touring in January in support of the single. As far as I know we’re bringing the zombie rock to Brighton, London, Reading, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and our home away from home: Margate.

O: What are you getting me for Christmas? 

E: The intense realisation that everything, even this interview, will one day no longer be.

O: Can Leicester win the League?

E: It depends whether premier league defences continue to chat shit. As Jamie (Vardy) tells us ‘chat shit get banged’. This dude’s been banging in goals all season my god. Along with that, (Claudio) Ranieri has turned Leicester into a pizza, and pizza is always top of the league.

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