Gaze Is Ghost – Revolvere/Murmuration – (Overblown Premiere)

Photo courtesy of Karl Dmitri Bishop.

Gaze is Ghost is the nom de musique of Northern Irish composer Laura McGarrigle. It is a completely apt moniker. Like a ghost her music is ethereal, otherworldly and, dare I say, somewhat supernatural. Her debut album Plume, released last year, is a graceful and, frankly, beautiful meditation evident of a musician operating as sculptor. Each song feels carefully and deliberately constructed, but retains a feeling of earnest and spontaneous emotion.  Not an unremarkable feat as sometimes the honest display of emotion can be lost in the contrived assemblage of a composition. On the 20th October Gaze is Ghost will self release her latest AA-single, “Revolvere/Murmurations” which will act as a precursor to a forthcoming album announcement. In the meantime listen to it here on Overblown.

The first track of her new AA-single “Revolvere” is a bit a departure for the chanteuse. More atmospheric than the composer’s other work, it bears a debt to ambient artists like A Winged Victory For The Sullen and boasts a tinge of Middle Eastern horn flourishes. An unconventionally structured song, it builds and builds upon itself more akin to a piece of classical music than a typical singer/songwriter offering.

Contrastingly, “Murmurations” (named for the collective noun for a flock of starlings) is a more traditional and introspective piece. The song is built around a simple but delightful melody and focuses on travel as a metaphor for gradual personal growth. It is as direct as can be imagined, and McGarrigle’s bluntness is both disarming and refreshing.

Check Gaze is Ghost out live in Cambridge and London:

17.10.14 – St Pancras Church, London w/ Wooden Arms & Epilogues
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18.10.14 – Oxjam Takeover, Cambridge @ The Great Northern
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20.10.14 – The Museum of Archaeology, Cambridge w/ Hollie McNish

25.10.14 – The Leper Chapel, Cambridge w/ Russell J Turner
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