How To Get Acquainted At A Music Festival

When you come at some music fest, you can definitely meet people (includingRussian beautiful girls) who are ready to relax, look nice and open for new acquaintances. If you are a fan of visiting festivals, you can easily combine listening to cool music with an acquaintance with a beautiful girl.

Any music festival is a place where people feel nice and relaxed, and everyone has a good mood. All the problems remained outside of a fest, and girls and boys want to find new friends or even love. If a girl comes without her boyfriend or just with friends, she is unconsciously in the mood for new acquaintances whatever closed she looks.

So, let’s figure out how to get acquainted with a girl at a music festival and how acquaintance at this place differs from all others.

Why a music festival

Firstly, it is because the atmosphere of this type of institutions adjusts to an intimate mood. There are hot dancing bodies, light alcoholic drinks, muffled light, exciting aromas and enchanting sounds of melodies. Secondly, the psychological atmosphere is just amazing. After all, most visitors of fests come there for the same purpose as you come – to find someone for a joint time. In general, the atmosphere and psychological climate contribute to it. It only remains to choose a partner. Searching such music festivals, booking tickets, travelling and accommodation might get expensive; keep checking VoucherBin, where you can get some good offers to save more for spending on other party requirements.

Fundamental truth

In any case, it is necessary to talk, make decisions, and go ahead with the plan during the acquaintance. However, there are rules that need to be known and observed so that the acquaintance with a girl goes perfectly.

Show confidence

It is important not only at the first meeting but every time. When talking with a girl you like, there should be confidence in your movements and manners. Don’t confuse it with insolence. Insecure people don’t attract attention and don’t cause interest.

Be sociable

At the first stage, you shouldn’t concentrate all attention on one girl even if you like her very much. The fact is that women are interested in popular and attractive men. The best option for communication will be the “near-far” strategy: it means that you pay increased attention to the chosen one and, in the next moment, step back and communicate with other ladies. So it may seem that you are a very popular and interesting person. The main thing is not to allow oneself to behave too frivolous.

Speak less

Every music fest includes loud music, beats, and it is not always convenient to talk. But, anyway, you shouldn’t get too carried away by talking. There are many nonverbal ways of communication: views, gestures, dance, etc. You need to talk if necessary. At the fests, you can easily get acquainted without words at all. It is worth practicing this method. The main rule for everyone: any music festival is a place of action, not of chatter.


If a man is lonely and not sociable, he looks like a hermit and a loser. You can’t “guard the place” all the time. You need to move, dance, and maintain the overall dynamics. Otherwise, you will stay outside of the holiday.

The plan of actions

Here is a good example of dating a girl at a music festival:

  • You like a girl;
  • Come to her quickly and confident (confidence);
  • Take her by the hand (fewer words);
  • Start dancing (act);
  • Dance with her, hugging her waist and moving together, etc.;
  • Take her by the hand and lead her to the bar after the dance;
  • Ask her phone number.

And don’t pretend someone else. Every acquaintance is a step that can completely change your life. That’s why you need to do this as often as possible. Who knows, maybe this unfamiliar girl is the happiness for the rest of your life. Don’t miss your chance!

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