Ghost Car Interview: “Inspired by all the unrecognised female artists”

ghost car

New single ‘Stuck In The Mud’ is out now via Greenway Records.

There’s something wonderfully playful about London punk/garage quartet Ghost Car. We reckon it is their combination of slightly creepy/cheesy organ and the somewhat childlike nature of the vocals from Maria. This all plays out over a bouncing and upbeat punk vibe consisting of fuzzy major chord guitars and a bouncing rhythm section. Essentially, it’s great craic.

We managed to catch up with the band to have a little chat. We spoke about their latest single ‘Stuck In The Mud’, their love of keyboards, and Halloween.

Overblown: I hear that you have members from Spain and Ireland. I’m presuming Maeve is the Irish one. Sounds like there might be a good story there. How did you find each other?

Ghost Car: Yes, Clara and Maria are from Spain and Laura is from England. Maria and Laura first met at a party in a friend’s studio, in a huge building in Limehouse, London, which was once a Victorian sweet factory. We met Clara through some mutual friends in The Shacklewell and we found Maeve in the right moment when we were looking for a new guitarist and Maeve was also looking for a band, instantly we knew we were made for each other.

O: I’ve been listening to your new single ‘Stuck In The Mud’. I think the vocals suit the song title quite well as I think they sound quite playful and child-like. It’s nearly like something children would sing while playing. Was that intentional?

GC: This wasn’t intentional, it’s just how Maria’s voice sounds like and that gives our sound its distinction.

O: As I’ve listened to your music more and more I’ve been drawn more and more to the eerie organ you employ sometimes. Where did the idea to utilise the organ in this way come from? It is quite unusual.

GC: The sound of the keyboard helps us to express the feeling of the song and bring you closer to the story and character of our music. We think this sound is also connected with the idea of our band name ‘Ghost Car’ and the love for the artist Clara Rockmore.

O: Also as I listen, I’ve become convinced that you love to dress up at Halloween for some reason. What did you dress up as last year?

GC: Dressing up in Halloween is always fun, Maeve dressed up as a crazy zombie, Clara was a woman soldier, Maria was a dead Victorian lady and Laura we are not sure but probably a super hero

O: I’ve really been enjoying your song ‘Woman In the Shadows’. What inspired that song thematically?

GC: ‘Woman In The Shadows’ was the beginning of the band. It was probably the first or the second song we wrote and we were inspired by all the incredible female artists that have lived throughout history hidden under a big shadow of unrecognition. This song is also one of our favourites because it gives us a lot of strength every time we play it. In fact we can tell you it will be released this summer as our second single on Stolen Body Records. Keep an eye on our social media for details of the single launch, you’re all invited.

O: You’ve released an EP and a new single. Any plans to record an LP?

GC: We would love to and we will do it in the future. We keep writing and recording new songs to create an amazing album.

O: When I was growing up a ‘ghost car’ was when you drove late at night with all your mates in the car and no lights on. Is that where the name came from?

GC: That’s a ghost car too but our name was inspired by some documentary pictures that one of us used to take of old cars and she could see the cars as ghosties. Also every time we see a car covered in London we think it’s a car dressing as a ghost and we love it.

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