Giant Burger – ‘Tono Tono’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Debut Album Giant Burger Forever out November 25th via Odd Box Records.

Over the past four years, East London quartet Giant Burger have released two pretty much excellent 7″ singles and a raucous cassette EP. Finally, they will drop their debut album, Giant Burger Forever, on November 25th via the reliably excellent Odd Box Records. To celebrate, the band have shared a delightfully lo-fi DIY video for the lead track ‘Tono Tono’, directed by the group’s drummer Rosie.

Giant Burger are an odd proposition. Obviously, as is evidenced by their name, blessed with a fun sense of humour, the group’s music is conversely quite tense and agitated. Jagged guitar riffs stack against eerie synths and urgent shouts. ‘Tono Tono’ itself begins with a drum beat reminiscent of Radiohead’s ‘There There’ before heading into repeated cries of the title over a sound that is, somehow, both grounded and otherworldly.

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