Girls Names Share ‘A Hunger Artist’ From ‘Arms Around A Vision’

girls names a hunger artist

New Album Arms Around A Vision  Out 2nd October Via Tough Love Records.

Belfast post-punk foursome Girls Names have shared ‘A Hunger Artist’. The second track to be shared from their upcoming third album Arms Around A Vision, the song features all the tropes of a classic post-punk song: metronomic drums and a melodic bass line meld with a chiming guitar line, an elongated intro, and sardonic vocals. Arms Around A Vision is out on 2nd October via Tough Love Records. For those of you who love a record, there will be a delightful limited edition cream wax vinyl available.

‘A Hunger Artist’ explores the idea of an artist suffering for one’s art. “I’m not starving or anything, but I’ve practically been living hand to mouth since I was 22,” says Girls Names front-man Cathal Cully. “Most guitar music now is just a playground for the rich middle classes and it’s really boring and elitist. We’re elitist in our own way, in that we’re on our own and you can’t fuck with us when we’ve nothing to lose”.

Previous single, ‘Reticence’:

Arms Around A Vision Artwork:

girls names a hunger artist

Arms Around A Vision Tracklisting:
1. Reticence
2. An Artificial Spring
3. Desire Oscillations
4. (Obsession)
5. Chrome Rose
6. A Hunger Artist
7. Málaga
8. Dysmorphia
9. (Convalescence)
10. Exploit Me
11. Take Out the Hand
12. I Was You

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