Glass Palms: New Band of the Day #245

Glass Palms

Glass Palms’ debut EP Luxe is out on August 1st.

Who: Not sure!

What: Shoegaze/metalgaze.

Where: Atlanta, Georgia.

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Why: If you like dreamy songs with fuzzy guitars, who can’t really go wrong with Atlanta, Georgia’s Glass Palms. They’ve released two songs from their upcoming debut EP Luxe so far. ‘Elsewhere (Dull Earth)’ is the heavier of the two. Reminiscent of Deftones’ ‘Minerva’ the track is a beautiful but fierce explosion of enormous shoegaze guitars mixed with more metal based drums and a rock song structure. We dig.

The band have also released the more trip-hop based track ‘Come Find Me’. This one is led by electronic drums, a simple piano line and some delightful synth strings. At the moment, their influences are very clear. Perhaps a bit too much so. However, when the results are this good it is hard to complain.

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