God Alone. – ‘Intivim’ EP | Track by Track

God Alone.’s Intivim EP is out now.

Corks post-black metal quintet God Alone. are the kind of band that restore your faith in music. I first came across them last August when a buddy of mine told me, “You have to listen to this!”. Now, in this game, you hear that kind of thing a lot. Invariably, you listen to the hyped thing and think, “Yep. That’s grand.” Not so with God Alone. Their cathartic and pummeling approach to the post-black metal genre knocked me on my ass. Their success lies in their ability to somehow craft a song that is catchy and hooky but also exploratory and adventurous. Spellbinding.

Anyway, enough of me yabbering on. Recently, we spoke to the band during a rehearsal and they told us all about the influences behind each song on their debut EP. Expect lads beating each other up, Celtic mythology, and a mention of Irish legends Altar of Plagues.


A lot of people think “INTIVIM” is a Latin word or something very intellectual or deep but it’s actually what lads shout before kicking the heads off each other in the Northside of Cork where most of us are from. As in “IN TO HIM”, but they slur the words. The song opens with a sample of an Irish keen which we soaked in reverb and delay. The first half of the song was written by our guitarist/vocalist Jake and the ending was written by our bassist/vocalist Cian. The outro is the opening sample but reversed and delayed, we thought it sounded very spooky. Godspeed You! Black Emperor were a big influence in this song, especially the ending which changes and evolves live proportional to emotional intensity, it gets quite sad.


‘Samhain’ was the first song we wrote, with lyrics loosely based on Donn: the Celtic god of the dead. We were mad into Celtic mythology during the writing of the EP. Jake wrote the bones of the song and we collectively fleshed it out into the song it is now. We feel like this song is the archetypal God Alone song: post-metal with influences from funk/jazz/indie.


‘She Was the Sea’ was written by Cian in the pre-God Alone days. It originated as an experiment with a new tuning. We recorded the guitar in the intro with a room mic which gives it a unique sound. It is probably the most black metal song on the EP. The outro was heavily inspired by Irish traditional music and the sounds of the Northside. Altar of Plagues are a massive influence on our music and we feel like this shows a lot on She Was the Sea.

We feel that the EP was a good start for God Alone and we were very surprised by the response we received and the praise we garnered for it. Before the EP we had not played a gig outside of the YMCA in Cork City and it was surreal to see how many people were impressed by the EP and the amount of gig offers we received as a result of it. The EP isn’t perfect but overall we are very proud of it. Shout out to Ronan McCann from Groundfloor who produced the EP. We think of him as the 6th member of the band and he has been a massive supporter of the band since we formed. He is the best man.

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