Grand Pricks – ‘En Fliqué’ | Overblown Track Premiere

grand pricks

PolarPricks EP, a split 10” of Grand Pricks and Polarnecks, will be out on 13th July via Gold Mold Records.

Hailing from Glasgow, Grand Pricks are pretty mad for a thick and emotive sound that tends to sit somewhere between Weezer and Gang of Four. An interesting combination, these means the band are not short of energy but are also more than happy to experiment with a bit of avant garde noise and some other strange odds and sods.

Their latest track, ‘En Fliqué’, is one that take a leisurely approach to calling out the obsession in modernity with personal image (brand essentially) and the stresses this can cause for all involved. The thing I really love about the track is how it seems to perfectly balance a DIY/lo-fi approach with a sense of depth and professionalism. A true balancing act and one they pull off with aplomb.

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