Grej – ‘Part 3’ | Overblown Video Premiere

So it would seem we are having an adventurous day today. After posting our picks of the best hip hop albums of the year so far earlier, we’re now premiering this slice of avant garde, rhythmic, and hypnotic percussion. Built from traditional Colombian folk songs, the track is a claustrophobic and imposing piece of music that swirls like a whirlpool before breaking into a wave of synths and bowed metal objects. It is mesmerising.

The video is equally enchanting and unusual. “This video was choreographed and performed by dancer Mateo Galindo Torres with artist Carlos Delgado,” says Grej, aka Toronto-based percussionist Greg Harrison. “i/Variations explores the multiple realities which coexist within an individual. Part 3 from the album explores the process of expressing and absorbing rebellious actions.”

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