Grimes Shares Video For ‘REALiTi’

This is more like it! I’m not going to lie, I really did not like Grimes’ last single ‘Go’ at all. I found it just so pedestrian, and not at all interesting. That can’t be said for ‘REALiTi’, Grimes’ latest offering, and another cast off from her ill fated fourth studio album which was ditched after the lukewarm fan reception to ‘Go’. Unlike the dubstep embracing ‘Go’, this track hews more closely to the sound the Canadian producer, and songwriter explored on her third record, Visions. That’s no bad thing, as the result is her finest track since ‘Oblivion’, with it’s endearing video of Grimes lip syncing the track at an American Football game, pleasured our collective ears three years ago.

In short, it’s an arty synth pop gem.

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