GRRL PAL Share ‘Radar’, Paradise EP Launch

grrl pal radar

Overblown favourites GRRL PAL have shared ‘Radar’, their latest pop gem to be released in their quest to release a new track every month for the duration of 2015. If you haven’t listened to them at this stage, you are really missing out. ‘Radar’ is a jittery, bouncy synth pop beauty with singer Jay LeKat’s vocals soaring dreamily over Danny K’s typically inventive and infectious production. Apparently, the track is the traditional story of girl meets boy, girl likes boy, girl gets boy. Which is a nice positive twist on a cliched narrative.

So far their quest has gone extremely well. Previous tracks Paradise, and Dare have clocked up 180,000 and 35,000 listens on Soundcloud respectively, while NGHT maintains high rotation on Triple J Unearthed Radio.

The duo launch their debut EP, Paradise, this Friday the 17th April at The Bird in Perth, Western Australia if that’s in your neck of the words. Also, if anyone out there is going and want’s to review the launch for Overblown, shout us a holler!

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