Grrl Pal Share ‘Seeing Anything’

grrl pal seeing anything

We really love GRRL PAL. You may not have noticed, but we don’t post a whole load of pop music on Overblown. It’s probably fair to say, we don’t listen to a whole load of pop music in general. But, if more music on Radio 1 sounded like GRRL PAL, I’m sure I’d be able to put up with Grimmy for more than thirty seconds at a time.

The Australian electro-pop duo’s latest single ‘Seeing Anything’ is the fifth instalment in the band’s plan to release one track per month throughout 2015. So far, this approach has paid dividends. Previous releases ‘Paradise‘ knocked up 160,000 plays on Soundcloud, ‘Dare‘ has just over 30,000, and (my personal favourite) ‘NGHT‘ has been played regularly on Triple J Unearthed Radio in Australia. The key to GRRL PAL’s success is the clear joy that permeates their music, and their ability to craft simple, yet unforgettable pop songs. For me, it’s not an exaggeration to suggest this duo could be up there with Lorde, Sky Ferreira, and Grimes in the not too distant future.

Keep an eye out for their debut EP, due out in April.

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