GRRL PAL Share ‘Suggest’

grrl pal suggest

As part of the Aussie duo’s plans for world domination via synth-pop, GRRL PAL have shared their latest track titled ‘Suggest’. It’s part of their quest to release one track a month for the entire year of 2015. We spoke to GRRL PAL singer Jay LeKat all about this ambitious plan and also about dildos (ahem!). Typically, the track, which was mixed by Michael Szumowski, is a dreamy, hazy, and fairly romantic pop song. I ‘suggest’ you listen to it. Lol. Rofl. Lmao. Stream it below.

The duo’s endeavour to release one track a month for 2015 has culminated in one EP already called Paradise. Expect the songs from the rest of the year to be gathered in another EP. Probably out early next year. Who knows?

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